A watched pot never boils

What does “A watched pot never boils” mean? This proverb from the Mid-1800s, reflects the experience of anyone who has ever been in a hurry or anyone who has ever been waiting for something to arrive or for something to happen. The phrase, in itself contains a warning against giving in to impatience (don’t be impatient). […]

Big fish eat little fish

What does “Big fish eat little fish” mean? “Big fish eat little fish” is an classical proverb that indicates the predatory nature of humans and the vicious cycle of exploitation that exists in the business world; where rich and powerful people or organisations will exploit, swallow up or destroy those who are weaker, poorer and […]

Walls have ears

What does “Walls have ears” mean? The English expression “Walls have ears” is often used to warn someone that it is not safe to speak freely, usually about something unsavory or something secretive, and they should be careful about what they say at that particular time because there is a risk of being overheard, or […]

A stitch in time saves nine

What does “A stitch in time saves nine” mean? “A stitch in time saves nine” is a a subtle recommendation against procrastination — putting off doing something until later — which means; A little preventive maintenance or spending a little time and effort to deal with a small problem immediately is preferable, and will ensure against […]

Don’t burn your bridges behind you

What does “Don’t burn your bridges behind you” mean? “Don’t burn your bridges behind you” is a warning against intentionally ruining a relationship or situation you are leaving by doing or saying something unpleasant that would make it impossible for you to change your plans and return to the situation you were in before. It […]